Sentient Dimensions

A Healer's Story

Luxe Sophia is a health educator, VortexHealing® Therapist, a practitioner of magic, and the healing arts. They have devoted twenty plus years to the study of herbalism, meditation, chaos magic, and working with Earth’s natural cycles as a Witch and Wizard. At Sentient Dimensions, they guide others in building: personal practices and rituals to obtain their goals, deepen their connection to the divine, and empower their communities.

In 2007 they began the awakening path, study, and practice of VortexEnergyHealing®. Through Divine light and consciousness, VortexHealing transforms dense congestion in both the physical & energetic bodies. This creates more space and energy, allowing a natural flow to reestablish. It can balance emotions, shift karmic patterns & a open our connection to the Divine. This powerful theraputic tool continues to be an integral part of their healing practice today.

Luxe completed their 1100 hour Health Educator and Massage Therapist training at the National Holistic Institute in 2010. They specialized in Myofascial Release Therapy and received a Certificate of Achievement for their work as a Kinesiology tutor.

Passionate about serving trans and minority communities, they began offering treatments, unwinding scar tissue and facilitating lymphatic drainage. Through this work, Luxe was introduced to the effective and ancient modality of Gua Sha,Therapeutic Scraping Massage. Drawing from their knowledge of Ayurveda, Western massage, TCM, Acupressure, and energetic healing, Luxe offers integrative healing sessions and instruction.

Luxe is an active leader in the Radical Faerie community, sharing their knowledge and creating collaborative ceremonies. They host a bi-monthy group VortexHealing discussion and group healing salon, Reset. Based in Oakland California, they offer an evolving series of classes focus on ritual construction, Ritual Elements and therapeutic practices, Curative Touch.


This healing art, that Luxe serves their community with, helps me to find healing actions that meet old and new traumas with a better sense of where they stemmed ...

Amanda Sanfilippo

Luxe’s sessions send me deep. We have gone on some amazing journeys through the mazes of my body, clearing out old dense stuck blockages. Luxe is attentive and caring ...

Sigh Moon