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Gua Sha Therapeutic Scraping Massage

Gua sha is a traditional East Asian healing technique, using a scraping tool and lubricant on the skin’s surface to assist in clearing toxins from the body. Raising sha improves blood circulation, removes blood stagnation and free radicals, relieving muscle tension.

Therapeutic Chest Massage

Learn massage techniques to unwind fascia, diminish scar tissue, and restore lymphatic balance. Therapeutic chest massage can increase your lung capacity, relieve tension, stimulate blood flow, decrease painful sensitivity and aid in the detection of hazardous cells. This class is open to all genders and is trans inclusive.

RESET: A bi-monthly group VortexHealing®

Donation based, no-one turned away for lack of funds.

VortexHealing®, through divine light and consciousness, transforms dense congestion in both the physical & energetic bodies. This creates more space and energy, allowing a natural flow to unfold. It can balance emotions, shift karmic patterns & reestablish a clear connection to the Divine. VortexHealing is truly a profound of tool of healing.

We begin with an introductory discussion on VortexHealing®,followed by a group energy healing experience.

Ritual Elements: SMUDGE

Ritual Elements is an intimate discussion and active magic circle. Each gathering focuses on a core piece of ritual building from a Pagan perspective. We discuss the mechanics and magical meaning of each aspect, historical and cultural roots, followed by a demo and space for everyone to practice the topic in circle. Classes begin again late Summer.

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